• Le petit manitou

    Designed for the young adventurer

Located at the base of our site, this 10 games obstacle course will allow children (min. height of 1,10 meter) to play while developing their physical aptitudes. The young ones will cross various types of suspended bridges, such as log and monkey bridges, a pirate net and lianas, without forgetting our famous caterpillar net which rises to a peak of over 5 meters. It is important to note that our unique « continuous lifeline » system allows children to safely perform activities. This being said, your encouragements are more than welcome but, if you wish to practice this activity on the adult courses, you have nothing to worry about; an instructor will take care of your children during that time.

Procedures of the excursion

  • Welcome: handout of exchange coupon at ticket office.
  • Signing of mandatory risk acceptance form.
  • Provide and secure bracelet.
    • Harness equipped with carabiners and pulley.
    • Mandatory head gear.
  • Installation of individual protection equipment.
  • Instruction session (max 20 participants) and participant practice on initiation course.
  • Participants depart on foot - start of the course.
  • Participants' self-practice.
  • Assistance and interventions of instructors if necessary.
  • In case of rain/storm or bad weather, evacuation of event.

Departure area and transport

Walk to Place St-Bernard bonfire to meet your guide:

At 13h00 for a 13h30 departure

At 16h00 for a 16h30 departure

The guide will accompany the group to the site of the Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK by taking the AVT shuttle service which is included in the price).

The advantages
of the Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK

Develops creativity and imagination

Increases self-esteem and confidence

Favours surpassing of oneself

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